Erynne with VERB Ghost

I have been a fan of the VERB Reset Clarifying Shampoo for a long while but recently decided to branch out and try both their Curl Line (review to come) and their Ghost Line. VERB as a company has a great product line up overall, but I was intrigued especially by their Ghost line. I have friends with straight and curly hair all saying the same thing – this line was a game changer!

This was an interesting line to review because it does not have any stylers. So this is a completely unsponsored review of the following:

I also got their ‘Heat Prep‘ but I plan on using that when I protect my hair before straightening. I’ll add my thoughts to this review when I’ve used it!

If you use any of the above links or go to the VERB Home Page an automatic discount is applied off of any VERB products.

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Needless to say I won’t be ‘ghosting’ this line anytime soon! If you aren’t able to watch the above video, I’ll list out the yay’s and nay’s below!

Erynne with VERB Ghost Line

What We Love

  1. Lightweight – okay I know it’s called the ‘Ghost’ line but I was SHOCKED at how it literally felt like there was no product on my hair. If you’re someone who runs into issues with your hair feeling weighed down then you have to check out this line.
  2. Hydrating – despite it feeling like there was nothing on my hair, the end result was soft, billowy hydrated curls.
  3. Sealant – the Ghost oil is 100% worth the crazy amount of praise it receives online. Despite this oil being on the thicker side, it never bogged down my curls and helped lock in all the moisture.

What We Didn't Love

  1. The price point – as mentioned above, if you use any of the links in this post you will receive a discount on their products (this is still a fully unsponsored review). However, even with the discount it’s on the higher end of the product price spectrum, even if it is totally worth it!

…that’s it. That is literally the only thing ‘negative’ about this line that I could find.

Yay or Nay?

Without question, this is a huge YAY for me. I plan on using the shampoo and conditioner until the end of time, the hair mask will get rotated into my bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments, and the ghost oil will have a permanent spot next to my other favorite Righteous Roots Oil.

Erynne with VERB Ghost Line

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