Hey Curl Friends! If you’re new to the world of curly or natural hair, first off welcome and second I know it can get overwhelming! Everyone is recommending a different tool or product that will give you magical, long-lasting ringlets. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that the items below are going to give you magical, unicorn hair. However, these curly hair tools have been crucial to my natural hair journey & I recommend them highly! I was also sure to include items for every price range, because you deserve beautiful hair no matter your budget. Today’s post is going to be focused on the tools I use weekly/daily to keep my hair fresh and healthy!


For those of you unable to watch the video above (but really you should cuz I go into more detail about each item and how I use it), I’ve included a breakdown here of my favorite curly hair products.

Curly Hair Products

  1. Microfiber Towel – helps reduce frizz when drying hair
    1. RëzoTowel
    2. DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel
    3. Turbie Twist
  2. Detangling/Styling brush – detangling brush should be flexible while styler should be more rigid
    1. Denman (not meant for detangling)
    2. Behairful Brush (detangle & style)
    3. Curl Keeper Flexy-Brush (detangle & style)
  3. Scalp Massager – helps promote new hair growth
    1. Shower
    2. Massager
  4. Water Bottle – great for refreshing curls and keeping hair wet while styling
    1. Flairisol Bottle
    2. Misting Bottle
  5. Night Time Protection – I did a whole YouTube video on this found here
    1. Silk Pillowcase
    2. Satin Pillowcase
    3. Satin Bonnet
    4. Silk Turban
    5. Silk/Satin Scarf
  6. Silk/Satin Scrunchies – protects curls while in a ponytail or pineapple
    1. Satin Scrunchies
    2. Silk Scrunchies
  7. Hair Clips – great way to separate your hair while styling, root clips assist with root volume
    1. Alligator Clips
    2. Root Clips
  8. Hair Dryer Diffuser – dries hair faster and helps with volume
    1. Dyson
    2. Black Orchid
    3. Collapsible

Do you have favorite curly hair products that I didn’t mention? Drop them in the comments!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you and all products linked are ones I use personally and/or paid for myself