As the seasons start to change, so do the needs of our curly hair! With Autumn kicking down the door, it’s time to shift your routine around and prep your curly hair for Fall. This is where we start to focus more on keeping the hair moisturized and balanced. My favorite products to use during this time of year are deep conditioners, protein treatments and hair oils.

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Here’s the quick & easy list of things to do to prep your curly hair for Fall.

  1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo – you probably have a lot of product build up from deep conditioning or using excessive leave-ins over the summer to protect your hair from heat, salt, or chlorine damage. Clarifying will help remove that build up while still leaving you with moisturized curls.
  2. Do A Protein or Bonding Treatment– depending on how many products you were using over the summer to counteract the potential damage from the sun, salt water, or chlorine, you probably have a little hygral fatigue (over moisturized curls). Unless you’re protein-sensitive, adding products with protein or doing a protein or bonding treatment, can help start to correct that imbalance. Start with once every 2-3 weeks so you don’t end up with protein overload, and choose at least 1 item to style with that has protein in it. This is super important if you color your curls; protein helps rebuild the structure of your hair follicle!
  3. Get a Trim – getting regular trims (once every 3-6 months) is a great way to remove split ends, minimize hair fall and breakage. If you’re wanting to avoid the salons during the pandemic, here’s an at home tutorial if you’re brave enough to try
  4. Deep Condition – depending on what your current deep conditioning schedule is like, look to increase that (slowly) so that come winter you’re deep conditioning once every 1-2 weeks. With the air outside getting drier, your hair will start to dehydrate faster and turn brittle quicker.
  5. Adding Oils Into Routine – for the same reasons as above, adding in an oil to either your pre-poo process or sealing your hair post-style, will help dehydration from occurring at such a fast pace
  6. Experiment with Protective Styles – now please don’t run out and do a whole head of box braids or bantu knots (unless you are a BIPOC). If you are wanting to try out a traditionally Black hairstyle, educate yourself on what type of protective styles might work best for your hair type, understand the history behind your choice, and then find a way to respectfully move forward. Other options that are great ways to give your hair a break from constantly being styled while still retaining moisture are French braids, twists, pineapples, and regular braids.


CLARIFYING SHAMPOOS: (scalp & product buildup cleanser)



DEEP CONDITIONER: (restoring moisture)


Not Your Mother’s Matcha



PROTEIN/BONDING TREATMENT: (repairing the structure of the hair follicle)



Shea Moisture

HAIR PROTECTION: (did a full blog post on it here)

Slip Silk Turban

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Satin Pillowcase

Satin Scarves


HAIR OILS: (keep dehydration from occurring & seals products onto hair)

Righteous Roots Oil

Olaplex Bonding Oil

Verb Ghost Oil

Heat Caps:

Those are my favorite ways to prep my curly hair for Fall! It’s really important that you shift your focus to maintaining the protein/moisture balance before winter hits (when you’ll have to up your moisture-intake). Do you have a favorite process or product to prep for the colder months? If so, drop a comment below!

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