Trying to figure out how to sleep with curly hair after shower at night? Wondering how you can make your wash day curls last longer? Sleeping with curly hair isn’t always the most glamorous of looks, but a solid night time routine that protects and secures your curls is crucial! It’s just as important as having a solid wash day routine.


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Ways To Protect Your Curls

In case you’re not able to watch the above video, a few things to note. There are a multitude of ways to protect your curls at night.

The main ways are:

  1. A pineapple – piling hair on top of your head into a loose bun so that your curls don’t get smooshed while you sleep.
    1. Pro: keeps ringlets intact and helps retain volume by piling on top of your head
    2. Con: by piling your curls up it can elongate and stretch the curl pattern on the bottom-most layer of hair
  2. A silk or satin scarf – wrap your whole head in a silk/satin scarf, flip head upside-down for added volume
    1. Pro: the silk/satin will keep frizz or friction from occurring
    2. Con: if not tied properly the scarf can slip off during the night
  3. A bonnet or turban – flip your head upside down & slide the bonnet on, keeping the hair on top of your head
    1. Pro: keeps hair protected over night, minimizes frizz, retains volume
    2. Con:…I honestly don’t have one for bonnets, they’re kind of unattractive I guess but worth it
  4. A silk or satin pillowcase – sleep however you want, that’s the bet part
    1. Pro: great for both hair and skin
    2. Con: smooshed hair, can still get frizzy depending on how much you move at night

While finding out how to sleep with curly hair isn’t easy, this journey is about experimenting! Feel free to explore, try a few methods, and figure out what works best. I’ve tried turbans which are great but put too much pressure on my ears. I still sleep with a silk pillowcase but it depresses parts of my hair down while I sleep so putting it on top of my head is best. Silk scarves can move a lot, even when tied tightly, because I move around a lot in my sleep. Bonnets work best for me! What works for you? Be sure to check out my other curly hair posts for advice, tips & tricks!

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