Erynne and copper ember mug

My partner will tell you that I’m notorious for making cups of tea, letting them cool down…and then forgetting about them. On the occasions where I do remember to drink it, I like to take my time with my beverages. Well, this means multiple trips to the microwave to reheat my cup before I finish it. Enter the Ember Mug!

As per my usual disclaimer, this is a fully unsponsored review. All thoughts, opinions and critiques are entirely my own!

When I found out that I was getting a promotion at work I decided to treat myself to an Ember mug! Since I’ve been obsessed with copper, it was natural for me to get a member of the new Ember Mug²: Metallic Collection. However, it was a toss up between that and the classic white version.

The Set Up

According to their site the “Ember Mug² maintains your chosen drinking temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the built-in battery, or all day with the included charging coaster.”

  • 10 fl oz (295 ml)
  • Easy to clean. Mug is safe to handwash and submersible up to 1 meter in water
  • Built-in battery to maintain your drinking temperature
  • Includes charging coaster

The set up includes downloading the app to your mobile device, choosing your desired liquid temperature, then enjoying your beverage once it gets to that temp! That’s it, it’s literally that simple.

What We Love

  1. Temperature range: 120°F – 145°F (50°C – 62.5 °C), great for a multitude of beverage and taste preferences.
  2. App: the app is very easy to use and intuitive
  3. Timing: it does not take very long to reach the desired temperature, maybe 10 minutes at most & despite it saying it only lasts 1.5 hours mine seems to be able to stretch to around 2 hours if I haven’t put it back on the charger
  4. Heat: it keeps my beverage at the perfect temperature, seriously it never falters
  5. Notifications: if you’re busy doing other things and forgot about your beverage it notifies you when it’s met your desired temperature & when it’s in need of charging

What We Didn't Love

  1. Time: obviously only getting 1.5-2 hours out of this isn’t ideal but I make it work.
  2. Charging: the first two days I didn’t realize that the bottom of my mug wasn’t lining up with the charging coaster correctly so it wasn’t getting back to 100% overnight.
  3. Price: while it is definitely worth that price and I understand why it’s at that cost point, I still recognize that it may not be affordable for everyone. They do have some models that aren’t in the newer range that are a little less expensive in both black and white.

Yay or Nay?

While the price was the biggest thing that held me back, this was a nice little gift to myself for a special occasion. Do I think that everyone needs an Ember mug? No. But for me and my slow-drinking self, this was a YAY! I love it and use it every day. Since we’re working from home I have the coaster charger on my desk. I just set it there so it can charge while I take my time with it. I try to hand wash it shortly after I finish and then go put it on the charger so that if I want a cuppa tea later in the evening it’s good to go!

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