Harry Potter Studio Tour: Hogwarts in the Snow


In 1997, The Boy Who Lived came into the world. Audiences were thrust into the magical world of Harry Potter. Readers grew up with the characters and saw the evolution of a series from the start. Decades later, my love for this series has done nothing but grow.

On my first trip to London, I got tattoos on each of my wrists to represent symbols from the book series. On my most recent trip to London, I knew I wanted to experience the visual magic of the film series.


In November, the Warner Brothers lot swaps out their usual displays and starts to show ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’. As if Hogwarts couldn’t get any more magical! Now these tickets, generally, sell out in advance. The easiest way to guarantee you get to be a part of the magic is to buy through a tour company. The added bonus of buying through a tour group is that it covers the cost of transportation. The Warner Brothers lot is located anywhere from 30-60 minutes (depending on your location) outside of London so transportation is key!

I got my ticket here and I can’t recommend them enough! We watched the Harry Potter movies on the bus to the studio lot. You’re surrounded by other Harry Potter fans. There’s plenty of magic to go around!


The average time people spend inside the Harry Potter Studio Tour is about 3-4 hours. I finished it in about 4, but it could have easily gone for longer. There were segments that I worked through quicker than others. Things that were of lower interest than others. This allowed me to spend more time in the areas that I wanted to exist in for longer.

That’s one of the reasons why I think it’s important to book a tour time slot earlier in the day. You don’t want to run out of time and have to deal with the museum closing before you’ve made your way through it all. last thing you want is for the museum to close when you’re not quite done looking through it. I don’t recommend booking a tour any later than 1 pm, just in case!

Scroll through the photos and be transported!

The Great Hall
The entrance into Dumbledore’s office
Wizard’s chess pieces
The Mirror of Erised
Wizard’s chess pieces
Inside the Burrow
Privet Drive
The Knight Bus
The drinks table from the Yule Ball
The entrance to Gringotts Bank
Inside Gringotts
Bellatrix’s vault in Gringotts
The dragon that escaped from Gringotts
Fred & George’s Joke Shop ‘Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes’
The inspiration for my Etsy shop name 😉
The Hogwarts Express
Hogwarts in the snow
Hogwarts is my home


This event runs every November to January. Now, mount your broomsticks and fly off to Hogwarts!

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