I have held a long-standing love affair with braids. I can remember sitting down on weekends in front of the TV with my sisters while my Grammy did our hair for hours. Unfortunately kids are cruel, and I remember a traumatic experience left me pretty scarred. I went home and undid all my braids. My hair was undone, but my love for braids never left.

Being biracial, I have spent my life “stuck in the middle”. I’ve been made to feel like I’m not enough of either of my two races to participate in a lot of the cultural components associated with them. It’s left a lot of scars that I’ve spent the last few years working to undo.

It would be another 20 years before I was healed enough to try again. I am so glad I did! I learned a lot about myself; my hair, my heart and my spirit. There were definitely a few frustrating moments (hair caught in a car door, uncomfortable sleep positions etc) but there were so many amazing moments too (Black people hyping me up in the streets, experimenting with different styles etc).

Below I document a video diary of my first week with box braids. I answer common questions as well as talking about the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens.

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