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I’ve officially rebranded!

I keep getting the question, “why?” from family, friends, and followers. Your curiosity is understandable- I had only had my blog up for less than 6 months, not a huge base, and not a lot of posts so far. Well, ‘essentially’, all of those things are part of why I thought now was the best time to make the shift! 😉

Here’s the story behind “Essentially Erynne”

1. The Name: My best friend Kerri is responsible for the title “Essentially Erynne”. I told her that I’d been stuck for hours on figuring out a new site name; she knows my brain better than anyone so when I conveyed what I wanted this blog to stand for, within a minute she came up with the title. Shortly after that, I was informed that I use the word “essentially” on the regular, so was even more quintessential.

2. Purpose: the original point of my website was as a portfolio for film reviews & other pieces of writing. Mainly, it was supposed to be a central hub for all of my published content so that if jobs I applied to wanted samples of my writing, they could find it in one place; I soon realized how shortsighted that was & how I was limiting myself & my potential audience.

2. Social Media: anyone who follows me on Instagram or Pinterest knows that I spend too much time on both haha. However, I’ve noticed in the last few months I’ve been getting more followers, more comments about recipes I post, or more messages about my routines. Instead of answering each question individually it seemed a lot easier to put it all in one place!

3. Representation: Most sites that I follow give the appearance of having it all together – they’re skinny, have flawless complexions, and can afford the latest trends; while that’s amazing it’s also easy to get caught up in “why doesn’t my life look like this?!” I am an average girl, and I am not saying that negatively or to get flooded with compliments. My weight fluctuates between sizes 4-10, most recently my skin has decided it belongs to someone else, and I’m lucky if I have extra funds to go “trend shopping”, let alone spending more than $20 on a shirt haha.

Being average is okay.

In fact, I find it incredibly relatable, but I don’t feel like there are many lifestyle blogs that talk about what life is like just trying to figure it all out.

Being “average” can be amazing, especially if you’re essentially your most authentic self. The picture above is what I look like most days – no makeup, hair pushed under a hat of some kind and constantly trying to prove to people I’m nicer than my RBF lets on haha.

That is essentially me!

I hope you’re interested in doing life with me as I hunt for the treasure in the tedious, the coziness in the commonplace, and the merit in the mundane 🙂












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