With the world of Instagram influencers consistently growing, our social media timelines are constantly flooded with their “personal recommendations” for products they love. However, a growing number of those recommendations, whether it be for a razor or deodorant, come with a lovely ‘#ad’ or ‘#partner’ at the end of their caption. The days of products being recommended by friends is sadly growing smaller. Now, we have social media gurus using their influence to pump products out to users and money into their bank accounts.

This does not mean that these reviews aren’t genuine or that these influencers don’t actually recommend the product. It’s just getting much more difficult to trust the word of someone you know is getting paid to plug something, instead of seeing it in their everyday routine & then they happen to recommend it. Enter my new ‘Essentially Honest Reviews’ series! I will be taking products that are flooding our timelines, putting them to the test myself, and letting people know my uncensored and unsponsored thoughts on them. Feel free to comment here or on social media if you have a product in mind that you’d like to get my honest thoughts on.

The Product

Product(s) – Billie Razor & Shave Cream


Price For $9, you get the Billie starter kit. The kit consists of a razor handle, the magnetic holder (or magic holder as they call it) along with two 5-blade razor cartridges, all for $9. Depending on what you set your subscription to, Billie will send replacement blade cartridges to you for $9 at whatever frequency you choose.

About the Company “We’re Billie. We’re here to give you everyday TLC from top to toe. We deliver award-winning shaving supplies and premium body care products at a fair price without the pink tax. Women’s razors cost 10–15% more than men’s razors. Not cool. Billie was built for all of womankind, celebrating our choice to be shaggy, smooth or anything in between.”

What We Love

  • Close Shave
    • I felt like I haven’t had this close of a shave since I stole a boys razor and used it .
  • Price Point
    • Usually one Venus razor will cost you $10-$15 for only 3 blades.
  • Long Lasting
    • I used the same cartridge head for over a month.
  • Travel Case
    • So smart so you don’t risk cutting yourself or getting any residue on your things.
  • Magnetic Holder
    • Why is this the first company to invent this!?!? Seriously, such a game changer!
  • Female owned and operated
    • Love supporting other lady bosses out there and BONUS, there’s no pink tax!

What We Didn't Love

  • Add-Ons
    • I tried the shave cream and there was no real benefit. I’d rather save the $8-$12 and shave bare. I’ve been shaving without it and still get an insanely close shave
  • Goopy Residue
    • When I first started using the razor, I thought that the amount of slime (sorry, I don’t know what else to call it haha) coming off the razor was a lot. All razors do this once they get wet, but I feel like there is an abnormal amount of goop.
  • Subscription
    • I’ll be honest with y’all, I’m lucky if I shave once a week. Once winter hits, my body goes into full blown hibernation mode. Shaving is like taking away a layer of warmth & protection haha. I completely forgot about my subscription renewing before I had even finished using my first razor cartridge. These last for a long time so if you shave once or twice a week I would recommend starting with the 2-month subscription and switch to more frequent deliveries if you need it.

Yay or Nay?

This product has been a big YAY for me! This is seriously worth the influencer hype. Leave off the add-ons, get a cute color (I’m going to purchase the glow in the dark one next), and get your shave on!

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