Woman with curly hair holds up Curlsmith Shine Kit box

If you’ve been around the blog, my Instagram, or YouTube channel then you know I’m generally a big fan of Curlsmith and their kits! They recently dropped their first fragrance free line, the Curlsmith Shine Kit! Here is why Curlsmith claims you need this kit:

  • Glossy results – hair feels soft, smooth, and visibly shines with health
  • Fragrance free – there’s zero scent, so it doesn’t irritate or interfere with the smell of other products
  • Dermatologically tested – suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Universal – light enough to not weigh fine hair down but moisturizing enough to be suitable also for coarse hair
  • Simple – a complete set of haircare essentials, following the Curlsmith 4-Step Method

Well I put it to the test in this week’s YouTube Review!

As per my usual disclaimer, this is a fully unsponsored review. All thoughts, opinions and critiques are entirely my own!

The Curlsmith Shine Fragrance Free Curl System kit comes with 4 products.

  • Shine Shampoo (12 oz) – gently cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils
  • Shine Conditioner (12 oz) – detangles and quenches the hair with moisture
  • Shine Cream (2 oz) – keeps the hair hydrated until the next wash without weighing it down
  • Shine Jelly (2 oz) – provides medium hold, shine, frizz control and flexible definition

*there is also a Shine Gel with a stronger hold but that was not included in this kit and will therefore be reviewed separately at a later date


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Like I said before, y’all know I absolutely love 90% of Curlsmith’s products (the ones I don’t like are primarily bc my hair doesn’t respond well to some of the ingredients). For those of you unable to watch the above video, I’ll list out the yay’s and nay’s below! If you’re interested in other curly hair products I’ve reviewed on the blog, then head here when you’re done!

What We Love

  1. The shampoo is a gentle cleanser that lathers easily.
  2. The conditioner has a really great slip! It moved through and detangled my curls very easily, leaving them feeling moisturized but not heavy.
  3. The curl cream seems to be a mix/in-between of Curlsmith’s Weightless Air Dry Cream and the Hold Me Softly Style Balm (both of which I already love). Easily absorbed and helped with any lingering post-shower knots.
  4. The jelly is a level 6 hold which is a great, medium-level hold for people who have issues with their hair feeling weighed down by hard hold gels/jellies.

What We Didn't Love

  1. The shampoo is a ‘gentle’ cleanser so not surprisingly, after going 9 days without washing, my hair needed something a little stronger to remove all the build up. I ended up using the shampoo twice before really feeling clean.
  2. Not a dislike per say, but I wish there had been a travel size of the Shine Gel included in the kit just for comparison purposes

Yay or Nay?

This kit worked really well for me! Aside from needing a slightly stronger shampoo, by the end of my routine I had some great definition and could see a visible improvement in my hairs shine! Curlsmith has done it again and come out with a phenomenal kit that I think will work well for universal hair types. I also think it’s incredibly important for product companies to have at least one line, if not more, that is fragrance free for those with sensitivities. They deserve bomb hair days just like anyone else :)

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Woman with curly hair holds up Curlsmith Shine Kit box