I can’t remember a time that seeing the Christmas lights in London wasn’t on my bucket list. Even though I technically didn’t spend the actual day of Christmas in London, it certainly felt like it because I arrived at the perfect time. In America the 3rd week of November signals the beginning of Thanksgiving prep. In England, where they obviously don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it signals the beginning of Christmas prep.

Anyone who’s known me or followed along on social media knows that I LIVE for Christmas. If you see me bopping along to Christmas music in August just remember, it costs you nothing to mind your business haha! So buckle up because I managed to cram a lot into the 6 days I was in London.

I have a separate post that covers my entire week there. This post will be primarily dedicated to the joy that is Christmas!

Check Out Winter Wonderland –

Winter Wonderland is a HUGE event that the city puts on every year. It takes over Hyde Park, complete with roller coasters and Ferris wheels. Stroll through during the week if you want to avoid major crowds. If carnival-style rides are your thing, then enjoy various foods, mulled wine, and even an ice bar!

Go Ice Skating –

There are a few different places you can lace-up your skates and hit the ice. The Tower of London, Hyde Park, Somerset House, and even the Natural History Museum. Be sure to dress warmly and maybe wear some extra padding haha.

Light Displays & Decorations-

Last but certainly not least, you have to walk around to view the light displays! They take Christmas lights seriously in this city! These displays provide an infinite amount of dazzling imagery on top of dreamy backdrops. The joy is palpable as you walk around, breathing in the atmosphere and taking it all in.

Picadilly Circle

Carnaby Street

St. Pancras

Covent Garden 

Boroughs Market


I don’t think anyone would argue if I said London at Christmas is beyond magical. I hope you enjoyed these photos & are inspired to find Christmas magic in your city!