Writer, Vlogger, & Curly Haired Wanderer

Hi Hello & Howdy!

My name is Erynne and welcome to a little slice of my life. I currently live around Seattle and work in tech by day, a writer and vlogger by nights and weekends with the little bit of free time I have left.

With a world full of exceptional people, it’s exhausting to try and BE unique or to show it off to the world. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the things people think will give them status, or worth, and forget about the important stuff that people value, like authenticity.

My life might not be perfect or unique, it might be just like everyone else, but this little bit is mine and it’s lovely.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the stories of an average girl bumbling through life, traveling the world, learning about the intersections of her identity and telling strangers about what she learns in the process.