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Having a hard time finding the perfect gift? Try the 5 senses gift idea; a fun, unique way to show your partner some love for any gift-giving occasion!

I love to call myself the Leslie Knope of gift-giving, but those would be some pretty large shoes to fill. I do love giving creative and personalized gifts to friends and family but while presentation is everything, sometimes it’s about more than that haha. I have a great collection of wrapping paper, I love using multicolor tissue paper, and the amount of gift bags I have would make your head spin. However, occasionally the gift itself is more difficult than the presentation.

I came across this idea while scrolling through Pinterest; I was looking for awesome gift ideas for my partner’s 34th birthday. He had just gifted me a trip to Chicago for my birthday, how was I supposed to compete with that?! The things he’s passionate about were a bit outside of the birthday budget I had set. Things were looking a little grim until I came across The 5 Senses Gift idea.

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, ‘The 5 Senses Gifts’ is a fun and inventive way to give 1 gift per sense. Below I put multiple options for each sense, the top is what I ultimately purchased and anything with links are things I currently own or have experience with. Hopefully, it inspires a few gift ideas of your own!

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You have a few different ways to go about this. The first is how you present the theme of the gifts, I personally chose to put a cute phrase inside his birthday card. I love a good pun so I went with “I hope you have a SENSE-ational day”. You could also try something like “life with you makes perfect SENSE”, “I love you with all of my SENSES”, “I love you in every SENSE of the word”, etc.

I didn’t go this route, but you can also have a cute word or phrase to with each of the gifts! “You SMELL like home”, “Love at first SIGHT” etc. If you aren’t crafty or have bad handwriting (guilty) you can download some cute printable from The Dating Divas ($5) or Personalization Mall (free).


Noise cancelling headphonesActive Noise Cancelling Headphones
iTunes gift card
Make him a playlist or a mix CD/tape
Record player
Bluetooth speaker
Concert tickets


Personal massagerfluffy socks
Leather wallet
Back scratcher
Date Night Massage oil kit
Soft fuzzy socks or blanket
A bathrobe
Gift card for a manicure/pedicure



LingerieRon Swanson wall art
A new shirt or sweater
A love letter
Movie tickets
A book (check the NYT best-seller list if you need ideas)
A framed photo
House plant
Artwork or wall art


Their favorite alcohol of choicePersonalized mug
A box of their favorite snacks
DIY cooking kit (make your own dry rub or hot sauce etc)
Restaurant gift card
A personalized mug
A coffee/tea kit
Cooking class


CologneSpa Kit
A scented candle
Beard grooming kit
Bath bombs
Spa kit
Essential oils diffuser

The best part about this is that you can choose whether you want this theme to be fun and playful or sensual and romantic! This is an awesome way for each gift to be completely customizable, not just for romantic partners but for family and friends too. Hopefully this will help keep you out of a gift-giving rut and shake things up a bit.

Have a suggestion that I didn’t list? Put it in the comments!

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