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Moving into a new home this year, the first thing I wanted was to do was reduce the amount of “junk” we brought in. The second thing, was the keep the remaining things as organized as possible.

I know that I’m someone who keeps the dumbest things for sentimental reasons. Filtering through my stuff was a long process but I definitely trimmed down unnecessary belongings. I sold or donated what I could, and things that were old/damaged were taken to the dump. Once we got everything inside the house, it was time to get to work.

I’ll do separate posts for each room of the house and what I bought for them. This post is just a general overview of my favorite organizational products for the home so far!

Got a favorite? Drop it in the comments!

Stackable Storage Drawers – The Container Store

Organized hallway products

We got these at The Container Store and they are seriously a game changer! We bought multiple packs of 6 haha. We use them in almost every room of the house but primarily they’re used in the hallway closet. They are great to keep things organized like extra batteries, toothpaste, cables, medical supplies etc.

Slanted Glass Jar – The Container Store

Organized laundry tablets

Another great Container Store purchase, these were awesome for quick things that needed to be grabbed but that we didn’t worry about spilling out. I use them to store our laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets. I hate the look of product boxes everywhere so this was a way to simplify it and have things look unified. I’m even debating getting another one or two for what I like to call “handful snacks”; things you just reach for when you’re feeling peckish (nuts, pretzels etc).

Storage Tubs – Target

Closet storage

You can get these in a lot of places, but we got these at Target and they’ve been great. Do you have a ton of stuff that you only need a few times a year? These are awesome for ANYTHING! Seriously, we store seasonal clothing in them, home gardening equipment, Christmas decorations, and anything else in them. We are planning on doing a whole garage renovation this summer & I know these are going to come in handy in keeping stuff organized.

Storage Baskets – The Container Store

Organized pantry items

I know you’re probably thinking, “how are these different than storage bins?”. The baskets we got were more for every day items and less for things that could be bulked together and put into storage. I use these in our pantry to keep snack items or sweets all in one place, as well as under the sink to keep all my curly hair products organized.

A few of my other favorites for the pantry are the steel wire stackable baskets for dried goods like potatoes and onions, and a lazy Susan for our oils and sauces. We have the gravity feed can rack as well, but I don’t like that the whole thing tips forward if it’s not full of cans. We’ll probably hunt for a replacement soon while we’re looking for a more effective way to store our growing collection of Tupperware.

Drawer Dividers – The Container Store

Bathroom drawer

I promise this post isn’t sponsored by The Container Store. I just love that place so much that most of my organizational stuff comes from them. These are great because, I don’t know about you, but my hair ties and bobby pins end up everywhere! I really wanted to make sure that most things in this house had a specific place they went back to. It helps keep things tidy along with always knowing where to look for something! I got these to organize all my hair accessories and tools, but they can easily be applied to other rooms in the house.

Another method of dividing drawers applies to clothing. A few years ago I decided to start organizing a few clothing drawers, primarily my intimates. I was tired of bras, underwear and socks ending up all over the drawer. I love these dividers I got from IKEA. Simple to use and effective!

Honorable Mention:

This goes out to my trusty label maker! While I think I’ve got pretty decent handwriting, I also know that having all the labels look the same makes my heart happy. I’ve been using this one for years & it’s never failed me.

There you have it! Those are my top 5 favorite products that I use to help keep things organized and tidy around the house. What are some ways you stay organized at home?

Organized home products

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