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  • A Weekend in Seattle
    People are always quick to ask for recommendations when visiting, so I kind of designed my ideal weekend (Thursday-Sunday) for first-time tourists in the spring/summer. I would never expect a person or group to get all of these things done over the course of a long weekend, but I tried to include things for various types of travelers... […]
  • 35 Gift Ideas35 “Five Senses” Gift Ideas
    Having a hard time finding the perfect gift? Try the 5 […]
  • CHICAGO: A Whirlwind Trip to the Windy City
    I am so happy that we blew into town for this trip, not only was it relaxing but there were tons of activities for any interest we had! This city, rich in history and culture, is definitely one that we’ll be adventuring back to. […]
  • The Color Run: A Beginner’s Guide To The Happiest 5k
    Founded in 2011, this race is a vibrant, fun, pressure-free way to get you moving! As you make your way through the 5k, volunteers throw various colored powders on "Color Runners" at every kilometer mark. […]
  • 2018 – The Year of Grace
    HOLY COW 2018 IS ALMOST OVER! Doesn’t it feel […]