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  • Essential Bucket ListMy Essential Bucket List – A List for Wandering & Lusting
    I started making a list of things I'd like to do, here in the US and around that world; there is a mix of exciting things that will test my resolves along with things that I've always wanted to see or do.
  • Natural Hair JourneyNatural Hair Journey Pt. 1
    My curly hair & I have had a love/hate relationship for 28 years and it finally stood up to me about all the abuse it’s endured over the years. I'm half-black and half-white, so my curls don't follow a set guideline for care. Follow along as I figure out how to tame this biracial mop on top of my head!
  • Curly ToolsCurly Hair Tools – A List of the Basic Tools of Curly Care
    Having the right products, tools and accessories can make a HUGE difference when you’re starting off your curly hair journey. Though there are a lot of curly gadgets you can buy, and they’ll all seem like a valid purchase, but the truth is you probably need way less than you think to grow your hair healthy. I’m all about ballin’ on a budget, so if you want to show off what your curls can do, it’s important to have the right tools without blowing up your wallet.
  • Curly Hair GlossaryCurly Hair Glossary – A List of Curly Terms Everyone Should Know
    When I first decided to embrace my curly hair and transition to my natural hair, I kept coming across terms I had never heard before and repeatedly had to look up, so I thought I’d put it together in a nice little glossary for any newbies that are transitioning to natural!
  • Travel CoverTravel Essentials
    Almost every travel blogger will tell you that you can pack as many bags as you want but at the end of the day, what you bring is less important than having an amazing trip and making a billion memories. Focus more on creating an experience filled with adventure, love, and making new friends, not luggage.